Guiding Administration Documents


1. Emergency Procedures.

  • Security Alarm is a siren.
  • Fire alarm is a bell either continuous or intermittent – Gallery assistants (GAs) will advise you what to do if the alarm goes off. It is essential to do exactly as the assistant tells you.

2 Mishaps on Public Tours.

  • If a member of the public has a fall or anything untoward happens during a Public Tour, please check with reception desk to record the details in the museum log book. If you require First Aid Assistance ask a GA for help.

3. Donations from Private Groups.

  • If you are taking a private booked tour the group may wish to make a donation.
    • Cheques should be made payable to “Glasgow Museums”.
    • A receipt should be obtained from the GA at the Reception Desk and ask him / her to send the cheque up to the office.

4. Cancellation of a tour by a guide.

  • Please cancel your tour from the calendar (themed, prebooked, Burrell Bites, cannot be cancelled on the calendar as they may have been advertised – please let John know –
  • Let the Museum reception know of the cancellation by phoning 0141 287 2554.