General Tapestry Notes

Current locations of tapestries on display April 2023
Tapestries in the Burrell Collection
Sir William Burrell and his Tapestries
How a Tapestry is Made
Tapestry Weaving from Mediaeval Times to the Present Day
Tapestries: An illustrated description of the weaving methods

Notes on Specific Tapestries

Ten Tapestries in the Burrell Collection
Triumph of the Virgin;
Bible Tapestry;
Camp of the Gypsies;
Flight of the Heron;
Open Air Banquet in the Garden of Love;
Four Scenes from the Life of the Virgin;
St. Anne and Four Female Saints;
Housewife Riding to Market;
David and Bathsheba;
The Dishonest Miller.

Saints, Signs and Wonders
Bible Tapestry – 30 Scenes
Armorial Verdure Tapestry
Hercules Tapestry: Arms and Equipment for a Tournament
Rabbit Hunting with Ferrets
The Pheasant Hunt
A Seaport
The Camel Caravan – Saints, Signs and Wonders
Los Honores (Divine Wisdom)

David and Bathsheba Tapestry Notes