Chinese Index


The Eight Immortals – Who’s Who
Bone China and Chinese Ceramics Overview
Chinese Chronology and key Events
The Dynasties Summarised
Introduction to the Oriental Art Collection
Glossary of Chinese Ceramics Terms
Chinese Symbols
Pronunciations – Notes on the pronunciation of Chinese words


Chinese Neolithic Earthenware – Ma ch’ang Earthenware
Pronunciation of Chinese words associated with the Neolithic wares
Highlights of the Chinese Neolithic objects at the Burrell Collection


Chinese Bronzes
The Burrell Chinese Bronzes
Pronunciation of Chinese words associated with the Bronzes
Highlights of the Chinese Shang and Zhou Dynasty Bronzes at the Burrell Collection

Han Dynasty

Eternal Peace, Han and Afterlife – 206BC-220AD
Highlights of the Chinese Han Dynasty Objects at the Burrell Collection

Tang Dynasty

Treasures of the Tang – 618-906
Funerary Figures of the Tang Dynasty – 618-906
Arts of the Tang Dynasty and Chinese Art Symbols – 618-906
Highlights of the Chinese Tang Dynasty at the Burrell Collection

Silk Road

Transportation on the Silk Road – 2nd c. BC
Travel and Transportation Along the Silk Road – 2nd c. BC

Song Dynasty

Song Ceramics – 960-1279
Chinese Ceramics at the Burrell – 10th to 14th Century

Ming Dynasty

Ming Reign Marks
The Ming Dynasty – 1368-1644
A Group of Chinese Stoneware Buddhist – 1368-1644
Red Ming Ewer (letter and notes) – 1368-1644
Translation of the Inscription on the Burrell Luohan

Ching Dynasty

Ching Reign Marks
The Ching Dynasty – 1644-1912